What makes a man? Dreams, and honour. Without those, what do you have to live for. Embrace your dreams and protect you honour, they're all you'll have in the darkest of times.

(( Independent RP Account for Angeal Hewley from Final Fantasy VII. Open to any verse, and accepting Magic Anons~ )) MA! Status: None at the moment
My Tumblr Crushes:genesisrhapsodossnerothepitchblackrenothecommander-tsengzack-2nd-classjenovaslegacyablackwingathanasiusnodachiphantomcerberus/Congrats, Gen, you’ve migrated yourself up -chuckles-
My Tumblr Crushes:
  1. genesisrhapsodoss
  2. nerothepitchblack
  3. renothe
  4. commander-tseng
  5. zack-2nd-class
  6. jenovaslegacy
  7. ablackwing
  8. athanasiusnodachi
  9. phantomcerberus

/Congrats, Gen, you’ve migrated yourself up -chuckles-