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The minute changes to Nero’s expression held Angeal’s attention. The faint furrow that appeared when his nose wrinkled, the light flush that barely tinted pale cheeks, all of the infinitesimal changes that showed his thought process kept Angeal enamoured. He laughed heartily, shrugging his shoulders, “I’m sure if it wasn’t quite so pointless and never-ending they’d love it typed, signed, and delivered by Monday morning. With any editions or additions to be printed in red ink in the margins.” His voice was dripping with sardonic humour, for though he understood a company’s need for organisation, ShinRa’s penchant for paperwork was all too true.

Angeal returned to sipping the remains of his tea as Nero got up, though he kept a careful eye on the Tsviet, lest something should happen. Thus, he caught sight of Nero’s change in posture and watched the teacup fall to the ground before hearing it shatter and jumping out of his chair. Walking around the table, Angeal cautiously approached Nero to place one hand on his shoulder lightly in a show of support, “What’s hurting, Nero? Or, perhaps a better question is what exactly does it feel like?” Still there was worry written in his face, but now there was confusion as well.

"Somethings…" He licked his lips and drew a deep breath to replace the air he’d lost in his surprise, his voice now dropping to a lower, strained register, "Something is moving that should most definitely not be." 

Another flutter of movement and Nero was forced to crouch in order to abate his nausea. He dropped his head to his knees and closed his eyes. The heat of Angeal’s hand on his shoulder was doing its job—comforting him—and the Tsviet was silently thankful for the gesture. It gave him a familiar sensation to focus on rather than the alien one he was trying to press away with his hand. “It feels like..tickling..just in the least pleasurable manner possible.” 

Waiting patiently for the Tsviet to get the words out, Angeal nodded, “Ah. Presumably that’s the child then. Some people say it’s a baby’s way of saying hello, or responding to their environment.” Angeal figured explaining it in the most conversational way possible would keep Nero’s mind off the truth of the matter.

Angeal joined Nero on the floor, coming around to kneel in front of him, keeping one hand on Nero’s shoulder and placing the other among locks of black hair. Soft shushing noises alternated with hums as Angeal attempted to comfort the younger man, “It’ll subside shortly. These spells never last long.”

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Guess who’s back from their really long, unannounced hiatus?

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I’m really sorry for disappearing without notice, but I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things here on Angeal.

I’d like to start some new threads, as a good many of my old ones I don’t have muse to reply to now, and I’m not sure when I will. 

But it’s nice to be back.

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Muse is having a nightmare. S/He starts by just mumbling in sleep, and in the end s/he cries out for help. What will your muse do?

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A Friendly Drink || jenovaslegacy





"So long as the infamous fan clubs don’t catch word of our antics, I agree, Sephiroth." Angeal laughed, covering his mouth.

As Sephiroth looked around, Angeal went about unsealing the bottles and setting a glass in front of where Sephiroth was seated. “I haven’t changed much since you were last here, have I? Perhaps added a few pictures, but, otherwise, this place is nearly always the same.”

"Hmm. I was looking forward to a glass of scotch, but if you’d prefer to start with something else, I can wait," Angeal gestured to the table with a grin “As you see, we have no shortage of options."

"I think he’d want physical evidence that I’m capable of something more than just lecture, to be honest." A low chuckle escaped him, “Because I don’t think he’d believe you otherwise."

"You mean to tell me that Genesis has never seen you drunk?" 

Sephiroth really hadn’t seen Angeal beyond slightly tipsy either but Genesis and Angeal spent a lot more time together. 

"I’d like some scotch…" he responded to his earlier question. 

"And trust me, I’m going to take enough pictures to possibly blackmail you." 

Though Sephiroth didn’t think that would even be possible. The most Angeal could is probably burp out loud or something. But even that sounded hilarious…. 

"Once, he saw me. But, he was farther along than I was, and I don’t believe he remembers a single instance of that evening. My memories of it are very fuzzy." Angeal laughed, shaking his head as he remembered that night, "I’ve been careful never to drink so much since."

When Sephiroth answered, Angeal poured a healthy amount into both glasses, passing one to Sephiroth and holding his up, “A toast then, to the beginning of this evening.”

A flush spread over the bridge of Angeal’s nose as he faltered, “You’re going to what?” He wasn’t worried by the prospect, knowing Sephiroth would never show the images to anyone with ill intent, but the very thought surprised him in a way.

"Yes. Blackmail." he poured them each a bit of scotch and leaned back with his own drink to look at Angeal quizzically. 

"Hmm…" he wondered, his eyes narrowing a little. 

"You know you can trust me with whatever information you hold important or valuable, right?" 

He leaned forward slightly. “While I would have never thought to ask you this.” he took a good swig of his drink. “What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?”

"Who would you even give the pictures to? I doubt anyone wants to see what I do when I’m stupidly drunk." Angeal laughed, shaking his head for a moment and taking a drink.

A smile graced his lips and he nodded, “Of course, Sephiroth. You’re my friend, I trust you with everything. The same is said in your case. It’s what friends are for, to be your ear when no one else will listen.”

One eyebrow raised and a snort escaped him, “Of all the questions, you choose that one?” Mirroring Sephiroth’s action, he took a sip of his own, “Perhaps it’s a tie between Genesis rigging up a barrel of apple juice to fall on my head just as I left the house for school, forcing me to attend class extremely sticky, stuck to chairs all day, or when we were training out on the grounds and he succeeded on getting me to leap straight into a window, face first. The execs were having a meeting in the very room I crashed into.” Old embarrassment caused his cheeks to flush slightly, “Alright, your turn.”

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  7. A harsh insult
  8. An angry/jealous text
  9. Drunk voice mail
  10. 4 days with me chained to their bed
  11. A hug
  12. A pat on the back
  13. A kitten
  14. Up to mun


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